Often the true value of a thing isn’t the thing itself, but instead is the activity that created it.

Dave Thomas

Learn how to play with code: how to make mistakes, how to improvise, how to reflect, and how to measure. This is hard: we’re trained to try to do things right, to play to the score, rather than improvise.

Dave Thomas

What is an agile code game?

In the agile community we often use games to teach and learn agile concepts. Sites such as Tasty Cupcakes catalog many of the games that we use to learn.

Agile Games is a conference dedicated to exploring concepts such as serious play, collaboration and experiential learning. I attended last year and had a wonderful time. The only thing I came disappointed with was the lack of emphasis on coding. Most of the agile games were focused on software development processes (which are very important) and only one session was on agile coding practices.

Here I am cataloging and linking to different Agile Code Games, games to specifically help developers to practice their agile technical skills. Some examples are:

Software Craftsmanship and Agile Code Games from Mike Clement

More detail is on the way.

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